Sunday, November 21


droopy centrist hoydenish yogi deferent wondrous reprieve lunatic cocksure bustard dent cling clark lulu bobble submitted psi casserole pancreas theocracy cannabis clot infuriate heterosexual vinson hancock sonic allure asteria morass scarce glutamine interval colby medium mercator borough amulet comprehensible construe natal contravene degumming abo configure admit peroxide

Friday, November 19

some of your instrests disease me, and sometimes I am disturbed by what you say. sometimes I want to hit you really hard in the balls. but theres something else, something that makes me just want to stare at you a think about everything and nothing. most of the time your conversations are either deep or completely random, but beautiful.
I think I want you, I think I need you, I think I love you... and thats the problem...
my heart beats and breaks...

Monday, November 15

So it is the monday, the monday before the world sees me as 16. wo - ho.
what is the meaning? Love is the answer. I love you. Did I ever tell you that, I really do love you? For all the ever after. You speak and I listen to you, because I feel that if I don't hear you now, I will never hear you again. And that would be the tragedy.I can;t hear you now...
the meaning, the ever, the love, the tragedy
when ice melts it becomes water, the particles are not as close together, they're moving faster, it becomes weaker. I don't want to melt, I don't want to fall apart, but maybe that's what loves meant to be. The melting of two so that when they freeze again they will be one. But if only one melts, the bond will not last. Do I want to melt?

I don't want to wait, for our lives to be over, I want to know right now what will it be, I don't want to wait, for our lives to be over, will it be yes or will it be... sorry?

Thursday, November 11

my fingers slipping from the hold
doubting thoughts become bold
is this belief all amiss?
is my faith meaningless?
is what I see, hear and feel,
all thats true, all thats real?
my God, the god I thought I knew,
how come I cannot see you?
"stop seeing with your eyes and look with your heart
then with My power and grace you will start,
to see a love so strong, that does exsist.
to see there is definate meaning in this"

By the way...

Wednesday, November 10

More awesome junk mail poetry.

rid thou cinnamon florence nichrome claudio annum eben residuum crystal adjudge
dunlap port cantonese chinaman beograd archive dimethyl countdown seethe taft

Saturday, November 6

I was here...

... All that no-one sees, you see, what's inside of me, every nerve that hurts, you heal. Deep inside of me, oo-oohh. you don't have to speak, I feel... Emotional landscapes, they puzzle me, then the riddle gets solved and you push me up to this... State of emergency...

... how beautiful to be...

Tuesday, November 2

translations are not exact

ik haat zo veel het
je le déteste tellement
ich hasse es soviel
το απέχθεια τόσο πολύ
lo odio così tanto
eu odeio-o assim muito
я ненавижу его

Monday, November 1

is my confusion rational?
is my opinion relevant?
is my
vision impaired?
is my being coincidence?
is my pain a sacrifice?
is my failure reality?
is my faith meaningless?
is my happiness imaginary?
is my life worthless?

some no, some...yes