Thursday, May 27

Something's up with Jack, something's up with Jack, don't know if we're ever going to get him back...

whats new? I finally got work experience, nowhere that I want to go my careering life, where ever that may be, but work experience all the same. First week at... nunawading library and second week at Spotlight in Box Hill. How boring are they?? Yawn, I can feel the tedium already, BUT BUT BUT!!!! Because I got them I can now go to STATE YOUTH GAMES!! WOO! YEAH!!
STATE YOUTH GAMES!! yeah ok, and i'm nearly done... STATE YOUTH GAMES!! okay.

He's all alone up there, locked away inside, never says a word, hope he hasn't died...

Yeah I think our year level is having a little obsession with The Nightmare Before Christmas, mainly because it is awesome, but yeah. Top stuff.
Well thats all from me, oh oh! wait! I feel so deprived! I finally worked out how much I get paid and its only $6.68 and hour. how cheap are they? Ashlea gets 8 something and she works at a Bakers Delight too and awwww, I feel so jibbed.
Anyway, CHEERS!

Monday, May 24

hello Posted by Hello

DUDE! You have some serious thrill issues! Posted by Hello

How cool?

Saturday, May 22

hahaha! hot "POWER GLOVE" on my hand. Its really hard to type with it on. It s like one of those old nintendo gloves that are oh so "futuristic" although it was made in 1989. Its only a year younger than me! wow, old technology, i don't even know where my brother got it from, we've never had a nintendo of any sort, wait are gameboys nintendo? well anyway. Howsit going? Hope ya good! ooooh! i got a new e-mail "", add me! unless you can't be bothered which is completely fair enough.
Well I'm gonna go now. Happy happines hunting!
cheers mates

Tuesday, May 18

How spesh is this new look? I don't know what I think of those dots but its still pretty hot. I probally could get rid of them. Woo! and you can put comments on them and stuff. and it got rid of my mutant babaa. I hope you got to see it. !
I closed up last night!! And I took home HEAPS of bread and latice danishes and crosaunts and scrolls, and YUMMY! I got to clean the slicer and the wires. But I had to mop aswell, so I smelt like bread but my hands smelt like mop, and I wrote a song about it. I'll write it down for you.

I smell like bread, but my hands smell like mop, mopping mopping eating bread, can I please stop? I smell like Frances and my hands do too. And yes I still smell myself...

And that was the song, it sounded better last night.

Well I hope you people are mafficing. Because I sure am, well on the outside anyway.
cheers big ears, same goes big nose!

Friday, May 14

Wow! Check out new look blogger! Its sweet!
Yeah went to parliament and magistrates court today with school, my feet hurt. But I got cool socks, so now my feet are happy. I also discovered that work has finally paid me, which is a pleasant surprise. and woo! yeah! woohoo!
Goin to smories tonight, gonna get sick too. I can feel it in my bones... well stomach. But it should still be good.
Whats yellow and a whiz at maths?
love that sweet bad joke out of amy's joke book, ooh! ooh! another!
Where do baby apes sleep?
yeah, phew, I'm exhausted. I promise I'll blog more, maybe not as much as I used to but more than I have resently.
And I'll see YOU tomorrow! wink-wink, nudge-nudge, hows ya father?
Well I don't know if I will, but it'd be pretty special if I did.
cheers mates!

Friday, May 7

Check out the hot mutant babaa at the bottom of the page!

Tuesday, May 4

Hello hello hello. just got back from musical rehersal and thought i'd drop by and say "hello" three times
"I'm looking for sex in the latter stages of marriage"
tehehe, yeah, I get to say that.
Well i have to go and do... some stuff.
adios Australian amigos!
graciously they fall, but they hit the ground hard....

Sunday, May 2

yellow! blue, green, red, purple etc.
running in cirlces, chasing our tails...
hows youse ppl doin'? aight!
it looks as if we two will never be one...
broken, window, pain. sposed to been pain not pane
"I prithee, pretty youth, let me be better acquainted with thee."
Is it better never to speak than to raise your voice and never be heard...?
disjointed thoughts
oh no, whats this? a spider web and I'm caught in the middle...
where are you? what are you doing?
"What have you done, you tit?" ha ha max
I wonder where my watch is. Probally on my desk.
Consider this, consider this, hint of the century...
cheers mate
Adios Another Anti-terroism Amigos