Tuesday, May 18

How spesh is this new look? I don't know what I think of those dots but its still pretty hot. I probally could get rid of them. Woo! and you can put comments on them and stuff. and it got rid of my mutant babaa. I hope you got to see it. !
I closed up last night!! And I took home HEAPS of bread and latice danishes and crosaunts and scrolls, and YUMMY! I got to clean the slicer and the wires. But I had to mop aswell, so I smelt like bread but my hands smelt like mop, and I wrote a song about it. I'll write it down for you.

I smell like bread, but my hands smell like mop, mopping mopping eating bread, can I please stop? I smell like Frances and my hands do too. And yes I still smell myself...

And that was the song, it sounded better last night.

Well I hope you people are mafficing. Because I sure am, well on the outside anyway.
cheers big ears, same goes big nose!


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