Sunday, May 2

yellow! blue, green, red, purple etc.
running in cirlces, chasing our tails...
hows youse ppl doin'? aight!
it looks as if we two will never be one...
broken, window, pain. sposed to been pain not pane
"I prithee, pretty youth, let me be better acquainted with thee."
Is it better never to speak than to raise your voice and never be heard...?
disjointed thoughts
oh no, whats this? a spider web and I'm caught in the middle...
where are you? what are you doing?
"What have you done, you tit?" ha ha max
I wonder where my watch is. Probally on my desk.
Consider this, consider this, hint of the century...
cheers mate
Adios Another Anti-terroism Amigos


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