Wednesday, April 14

I awake to find no piece of mind, I said how do you live as a fugitive? Down here? Where I cannot see so clear, I said what do I know? Show me the right way to go

Good day, hows your head? Is it happy and safe? hope so, unless thats not how you like it. =P "Thats what I'm talkin' 'BOUT!" tehehe funny people. Coz they're just spies... Well not really, I just got spies by coldplay stuck in my head and its seeping into this blog. Oh well, what you going to do about it eh? Nothing? Oh phew, I thought you might egg my house.
Cheerio! Daddy needs the computer

I awake to see that no one is free, well, we're all fugitives, look at the way we live down here I cannot sleep from fear, no I said which way do I turn? Oh I forget everything I learn


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