Thursday, April 1

You people should slap me for being so ignorant to this poor dear blog that has been doing a awesome job. Really hard, with a maths book, encased in steal, covered in spikes. Well maybe not the spikes...
Anyway! moving away from maths torture, damn maths test today, atleast its not like the japanese water torture where you are tied down and they make water drip on your forhead, continually for a looooong time. Erhem.
Wow, its raining. Today, I gave people bubble wrap bracelets and you'd be in the middle of class and hear this "Snap!". I don't think the teachers like it. tehehe,
Yeah well my sister need the computer for educations purposes so I better go... OHH OOHH WAIT!
WOOT! I need quotes of the day, it'll probally get really bad during the holidays but hey, whats a girl to do?
Todays Quote: "I only use her for visual pleasure" - Alby
(He was lying, lol)

Catch yas mateys!
Oh sing me a song a song of the sea, bird eye fish fingers....


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