Thursday, March 18

typing typing typing typing typing typing typing.
Well that idea didn't work. I thought if I wrote that for a while something to type would come to me. But alas. Nothing.
What have you little mushroom munchkins been up to? I've been doin' absolutly nothing! WOOT! Hmm, there should be a sign where you can show sarcasm. hmmm
I got the hick-ups, thats pretty big news. No one is online because of basketball marathon, and if another person says that I should go or should've gone I'm not going to even bother replying. Why? you may ask? because its not my scene, and even if it was, I wouldn't feel comfortable. Like many days of late. Pppft stuff the past. Growin' old, growin' mould, bringin' in the dirt, chucking out the gold.
adios all of youse


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