Tuesday, March 9

Hello, my name is Penelope Richards, I live in Yorkshire and every Saturday I play polo with my daddy at his country club. Haw haw haw.
Myes well, ther is my posh, snobby alter ego. My daddy has lots of money! Haw haw haw. Well that was out of young ones, but generally that type of thing.
one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Fox in socks on box on Know in socks. Six sick chicks tick, six sick clocks tock. Dr Seuss you legend. Tweedle Beetle Paddle Battle. Of course on a noodle eating poodle. Where else? but Queensland. ummm, Melbourne, New York, London, Berlin. Just to name a few.
you've been so sad, it makes me worry, why not smile, you've been sad for a while, why not smile... I would do anything... to hear you speak of it...


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