Thursday, February 19

The question is: How can such a good day make me feel so crap?
The Answer? It doesn't exsist.
I got my little kids today, some are brats, but what can you expect? I just don't know whether they'll be more or less brattish once we're done with them.
Meh, and I forgot my trumpet lesson period 5 because i was so excited about english because its one of the only classes that I'm with Ashlea and Naomi, which is quite sad because I like playing trumpet and I don't like our english teacher. Who said rushing ment you were nervous? Not all stories have to have the climax at the end, and only one climax. And what are you really grading in writing anyway? the imagtivity? the grammar? the plot? the shape? I'm not complaining because i got a low mark, I got an A. But she just talks as if theres only one set way to do stuff and that annoys me. And she gives me the impression that she is performing more than teaching or living. Which is alittle like me, and that just scares me, especially coz I think she takes starsigns seriously and I think they are total astrom bullocks. The posistion of the stars and planets have no reign on me. You have no power over me. (from the laberinth, Bowies in tights!)
Yeah well, and shes buying her stairway to heaven. This blog looks unhappy, or not good, but that wasn't how my day was. Thats only my impression now. I think I was actually smiling all day, wats new?
On my outside, the thinkness of skin, cannot let you see, the breaking soul that is within.


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