Friday, February 6

Do de do de do. I think I'm better now, all I needed was 2 solid hours of Christian Rock and I'm back in the game. HOOOO WA! gotcha nose. tehehe. No one is really talking to me on msn, but I really couldn't care, tehehe, they are funny people, people they are. i think. tehehe. yeah wow, the world is big, hello to those of you in china! wow, a hundred thousand or so k's from here. thats quite a way away. *wave* HELLOOOOOO! How are you on this lovely Friday Nite? What ever happened to saturday night, When you got dressed up and you felt all right, it don't seem the same since cosmic light. Then a little more verse and HOT PATOTEE BLESS MY SOUL! I REALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL! Rocky Horror Picture Show, oh meatloaf, what has come of you? you better think twice janet wiese, your apple pie don't taste too nice. Yes well. tehehe, skip with me along, along, along, the yellow brick road. just follow the yellow brick road. I would sing with the sparrows and the boy who shoots the arrows if i only had a heart.
I give you roses, I give you roses, I give you roses, to show my love for you.
Adios Amazing Amigos


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