Saturday, January 31

I want to say "I hate you" continuosly over and over again but it'd be a lie and just a reflection of my sad mood thats gone sour. I talk too much about nothing. Its a good and a bad thing. Well I dunno. Okay better mood. I shall bang my head on the table until stress is relieved. Yes me happy now. Oh yes, want to read about my strange encounter with music? Well if you don't stop reading. =S
Right, so, I was listening to ghosts by gary jules, a real ledg, and then I started reading a post by brigie and she was writing about those annoying, stupid ppl ruining the awesomeness of mad world and then suddenly the song started on my playlist and, wow, yeah I was quiet startled.
And then something happened in which something else was said that upset the stomachs of the brass players in the marching band who spent the next 2 weeks cleaning their instruments. not quite sure where that came from.
How do you define a fault in a persons personality? I don't believe it is so. Maybe there's some stuff about them that really ticks you off, but that doesn't make it a fault, on either of ur behalfs. In the eye of the beholder stuff again, sorry don't mind me. Being opinuated but pretening not to take sides. Adios Ant and Apple-eating Armadilo Amigos.
Its hard to believe, that he was laughing at you, poor jeremmiah weed.


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