Sunday, January 18

Well Amy, you vant my help, eh? how do you put links on. Hmmm I do not know. MUHAHAHA of course I do know, because I know everything!! MUHAHAHA EVIL CACKLE!! Yes well, first you put your right arm in, your right arm out, no, wait you don't. Ok, you sign in. You go to the page where you write stuff, and click on TEMPLATE!! oooh speshical little bear, er icon thingy. and then you put something like this:
(p)(b)(font face="Hobo" color="#FF000 0") PUT HEADING OF DESIRE (/font)(/b)(/p)
For a heading. Don't you love the font? and then you do something like this:
(p)(b)(font face="Arial")(ahref="PUT ADDRESS HERE!") PUT NAME HERE! (/a)(/font)(/b)(/p)
Except you know, you put like all the right stuff were it says "PUT BLAH BLAH HERE" And replace the ( and ) with < and >. ooh i do not know whether this will come out properly, bummer. hope it does. Oh but oh! First you have to find a spot on your template thingamajig that says something about links, but you have a different template than me so I dunno, and put the bogus < p >< b> stuffy stuff under that. hope this helps and if it confuses u. GIVE ME YOUR STUFF, and then I can do it for you. I just read over it and it was very confusing, well, it wasn't when I first typed it so maybe it won't be when you first read it. MEH! hope it helps. OOOOOH Jessica's blog eh? the true, one and only angry shoes? have to check it out.


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