Thursday, January 1

And they called it puppy love...Where on earth did that orginate from? Meh, probally some guy who bred dogs, or a singer, or an actor who just recited what the script writer wrote. No offence to actors or dog breders or garbage dudes. THANK U GARBAGE DUDES!!
I rediscovered my Gary Jules downloads hiding in my D:/ drive. just hidding away. It's really awesome feeling getting excited all over again. Running on the rocks of the river... and I'll stop. I don't know if I write too much or I don't write enough. I WANT SOME BUMMING FEEDBACK! GIVE ME SOME FEED BACK!! ARGG!! *smiles sweetly* paweease! if you don't know my e-mail its now you know it you have no excuse!
come in and try to wake her up, I can always sleep standing up.
Well, well my pretties it is the new year, and isn't it exciting, it's only 5mins old. aww the year is just a baby. Coochie coochie choo! Poor years, they only live for a year, then they die like yesterday.
Did you write the book of love and do you have faith in God above, if the bible tells you so. And do you beleive in rock'n'roll and music save your moral soul and can you teach me how to dance reeaaalll slow...
Noo Moo Foo Yoo. Too Coo Foo Schoo, and i'm done with that idea. they just stared at the weight of the world and pretend not to feel...
and good ol' boys were drinking whisky and rye....
singing this will be the day that I die...
this will be the day that I die....
*starts jazzy rhythm* *clicks fingers in beat intervals* (to "it don't mean a thing")
Musical culture, has grown alittle flat, the good ol' rhythms gone, the bass drum is getting too fat. The beat has gone, completely out of wack, come on you've gotta, bring that groovin' jazz back!!!
And that is my song.
And that is my blog.
And this is my name. But I forgot.
Yeah, happy new holden... I mean year... it's getting alittle repedative...


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