Saturday, December 27

G'days maties. Contiuning my story. =S.

Ann was already waiting outside when Jodie submerged from her house.
“Good morning!” Ann said cheerily. Ann had an unusual amount of optimistic enthusiasm around her and was always very bubbly. She was one of those people who seemed to have everything yet be modest at the same time. Ann and Jodie had been friends since primary school and they’d started walking to school together every morning when they moved on to high school that was only two kilometres away.
“Mornin’ Ann” Jodie replied still half asleep.
“What you get up to on the weekend? A bit more of your ‘get down and boogie’ partying?” Ann asked.
“Nah, just the usual. Bummed ‘round the house. Walked around quite a bit. Finished that bloody English project. How ‘bout you?” Jodie replied, taking a breakfast bar out of her bag.
“Oh, who’d you bum this time eh? I’m sure it’s that Brian you keep talking about” Ann joked wittingly.
Jodie hit her on the head with the bar and laughed.
“Now come on! I don’t even know what he looks like! He’s just got different views to most people.”
“Ohhhhh really?” Ann paused and decided not to take it any further. “Fair enough then. I got up to lots of mischief with police, you know stealing and hotwiring an old Toyota.”
“Yeah sure, Ann without an ‘e’. I’m pretty sure I saw you at the station with that young, handsome, well-spoken George. I’m sure you had fun in the city”
“And what would that mean?” Ann said cheekily playing with her hair. “Nah, you know how my head works, we went shopping! He’s actually going out with Sarah we met up with her at the next station.” Ann continued, almost with a sigh.
“Hmmm, well now it’s the really journey! Ms Dontilson first period, my head is already throbbing.”
Ann laughed, “Yeah, I don’t think if we’ve ever had a class with her without her lecturing us about how easy we have it. There’s always room for a first!” She laughed again and they entered the gates of Killstone High.

I think its getting worse, Ohwell, Adios Arista Cat Amegoes


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