Friday, December 19

Her I am again, writing to you and your little minions. Wait, do you even have minions? I want some minions, wait, no I don't, I want to lift up self-ruling. Glad I'm still thinking even though school has ended. ahuh, and that is me.
And as you most probally well know, I have a very small social life so as nothing will be happening in my life I shall spend my time writing a short, very short storys/ies. YAY! It won't happen but I'm trying to make it interesting by making it bad. That sentance made sence when I wrote it but no longer does so just ignore it.
OH! and I heard from my lovely brother's even lovelier girlfriend steph that if either of the too new girl aren't up to scratch that I'd get an interveiw. Wow and then I'll have or atleast tried for a job.
"Well after I graduate I plan on getting married"
"And then?"
"And then I'll be married"
Mona Lisa Smile. Hmmm dunno what I think of the previews but yay for female independence. nah nah nah nah nah nah LEADER!
Oh yeah, I'm a peer support leader for next years little yr 7s. I hope they are all nice little children that have no access to nuclear warheads. I'm most likely with Tom, Zohair or Hsein, because I really couldn't care who I was with and neither did they. All of the other peer support ppl chose their partners.
and Alby got his plate today, one day off freedom and now to the less attatched plate. I found my old one, its quite disturbing, I put it back in the draw and ran away as fast as possible before it jumped into my mouth.
Let me, ooooh, entertain you. Here we are now entertain us.
And I'm done.

Song of the day:
the concrete broke your fall
to hear you speak of it
I'd have done anything
I would do anything
I feel like a cartoon brick wall
to hear you speak of it
you've been so sad
it makes me worry
why not smile?
you've been sad for a while.
why not smile?


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