Saturday, December 13

Yep, on my rollercoaster. But the last two days have been sweet and now I'm just antisipating the fall, come on, come on, ruin my day.
Well thats just me, okay, get rid of that mind set. No more one step forward two steps backward shit. No more antisipating the down side come on.
Last night was awesome. JT (Church, yep i see ur disappointment) had a "Looking Back" thingy for the yr nine coz this was our last year, and all of the Godly vibes just got to me. God, He is soooo cool. Man, come on in the faith.
And today Albert and I went a walkin' and a talkin' down the street singing doobadaybe... well actually delivering the Christmas cards to all of my firendly friends that have known addresses. And Alex, (our second stop) joined in which was awesome to have another buddy along. And so we walked around 15-17km bouncing my $2 bouncey ball, talking and stalking Frances. Rachel wasn't at her mum's place and we think we woke her mum up, it was 11:30 so sorry but fair enough.
Wendy wasn't home but left cANday canes in her letter box for us. (my comps on speed again) then to Vermont Sth where Laura had strange people over, 'watching disney' but it seemed too orgy-like to stay. ahh, who was next? Kathy, we didn't even get to her house coz we saw her crossing the oval yelling my name.
We went to the Time Saver petrol place thingy and all three of us got these cool limited edition pepsi bottles. I know coke is better but presentation was just to high on the scale, excuse my shallowness.
Then to malcolms but we were to scared of his grandma so we just put it in his letter box, yes we are wimps. then we went to Amys and I think we got her in trouble because when we went walking up her drive Amy's dad and her evil stepmother fiona drove up giving the idea that amy invited us over while they were out. Well fiona can't really give her any more chors as she's basically but amy into slavery.
We had alittle trouble finding zohairs street and alex and alby started ducking off and pretending to stalk me, and I got plum juiceage in the hole in my shoe, but we eventually found it and gave him his card. He just got back from cricket and his hair was all funny. then we went to michelles who when we asked if she wished to join said "no" very quickly and blankly.
Afterwards we went to K-Mart plaza, I think it was around 1:30ish and thought to had lunch but played on some on the equipment and rolled down hills and played with the elavator and bounced my bouncy ball down the stairs. THEN WE GOT MORE BOUNCY BALLS! I got two and alex got one. We checked out Brumby's but B wasn't onduty so we went and said hello to Santa and off to Alice's.
We stood around the corner of her house and rang her mobile and she came out looking for us. She joined and then we went to Jo.L's house in which she was not home!!! GRRR! Her front door was open but the fly screen (where we stuck the card) was locked and not being American curious trespasers that go into other ppls houses we moved on to Jo.F's house who was working at McDonalds so we just handed her card off to her sister. Then we planned to go to Dats, but Alby rang him first and found out that he had family over and would rather us not go to his house, so of course, we didn't.
So we shortcuted past 7-11 Ably being the gentleman buying us Slurpees we went to Jess's house. Rachel was at Jess's house and they were.... er... i think cooking, if you call it that. Their muffins were golden syrup flavours and didn't have and baking power (not baking soda) in it so they were pretty flat. And their cookies had way too much flour. They admitted to this, and Jess dogs also agreed that they weren't the tastest of snacks, but they were very edable, the food not Jess or Rachel or the dogs. Then we went half way to Forest Hill chase and sat down on the sidewalk. Alice decided to go home so we got up and continued to Forest Hill chase.
Firstly we went to Big-W to see Alex's sister Fiona (not related to evil stepmother Fiona) in the entertainment department and organised his Christmas pressent from her, talk about convenience. and then we went down the Harris scarf to find tom working (tehehe) and found that its a small world after all, Alex knowing Jaqui from primary school, who I know from scouts and Tom knowing her from work and tom alex and I all going to the same school. Alby kinda stood there going "wah?"
We tried out KFC to see if Emily was working (Pete's in sydney) but as I found out later she was at Luna park and... the beach (shiver). So we went to Hungry Jacks and saw Zohairs brother and said hello to him. And then Alby went home and Alex came to my house and Alex got dropped home when Mum had to take Kelly to a sleepover party and I love adverterous day where I acctually do stuff, with people I love so very much. =)=)
And now I am the happy little munchkin full of happiness and joy.
Merry Christmas Dudes and Dudettes, ave a good one!
How many dogs barked at us? 9 How many dogs did we see? 15


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