Sunday, December 7

You wake up in the morning at seven twenty-three, you don't need to poop and you don't need to pee, you write a blog, bloggy bloggy, blog-edy blog, you write a blog, bloggy bloggy, blog-edy blog...
So that is what I am doing, woth the computer on speed and everyone fast asleep. Anyone got any bashing saucepans? Icy cold water? Warm water to make them pee themselves? Shaving cream and a feather? No? Well I guess they can stay asleep as I wish not to use my vocals, even though their sound is sweet, lol laughing at myself coz no one else is around. I finished all the Christmas card covers for people, they are rockin' now I just have to write in them. 14TH OF DECEMBER!! CARDS TO YOUR DOOR! If you're one of the lucky 15 you will get a christmas card delivered to your door by FRANCES!! =D and Alby might be there too coz he's awesome and we needed a reason for a walk. The square that we shall be delivering in will between Canterbury and Highbury, Terrara and Middleborough. YAY! Well yeah...
Adios, I don't like you I think you're gross!
Not really.

Song of the day:
Tell all my friends I'm dead, I'm leaving you, this time its for good, tell all my friends that I'm dead, it won't be long before you forget my name...


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