Saturday, December 6

We return to the life of our famous (well not that famous), little (well not so little) character Frances. Being the bored girl she is she decides to walk up to K-Mart Plaza to obtian some 20c bouncy balls to add to her collection. So she picks out all the 20c peices in her wallet and sets off into the wilderness of the bitumen Blackburn road, well the footpath of Blackburn road. So she continues along this road and incounters a half-naked, middle-aged man talking to a lady she asumes is his wife. She keeps walking, feeling the eyes of the man and lady following her and sees a girl jogging on the opposite side of the road. "Wow" she thinks to herself "I wish I had that much determination, I couldn't run for more than 2 minutes at the most" She shrugs off the thought of being and unfit, not so little juvinile and looks ahead, nearly running into a man with two really cute, black dogs. She apologises and keeps walking. Walking, walking, walking. Up ahead she can see a little girl, the little girl looks at her and picks up a pine cone that had odviously fallen from the tree on the fence line. "Ahhh, I hope she doesn't throw that at me. And if she does well..." she picks off a gumnut from a passing tree and holds it in her hand "..I'll throw this at her." It was alot smaller, very much so being about the size of a 5c piece, luckily though the little girl didn't throw the pinecone so Frances didn't have to throw the little, pathetic nut. Walking, walking, wlaking, living in Blackburn it is alot of walking to get to K-Mart Plaza. A lady with a dog. A girl walking from work, possibly K-mart. She stops at the lights at the intersection of Blackburn Rd and Burwood Hwy to hear some unintelligable, quite blind, young hullagens yelling from their car "IS IT REAL?" at her. She is quite puzzled as there isn't anything that could be even questioned as fake. So she just ignores the young hullagens and crosses the road finally reaching K-Mart Plaza. Nearly knocking into another person she skips onto the path and walks past Brumby's. And to her surprise she see her good, ol' (well kinda new) friend Brigid. YAY!! "Maybe I'll buy a dinner roll" she thinks "hmm" She enters the shop and says "hello" or some variation as most people do when then meet. To her dismay there are no dinner rolls. "AHH!!" she screams half-heartedly inside her head. "Oh well". After a conversation about Frances', B's and Jo's beautiful, completely awesome, hair cuts she has to come to the conclusion of what she should buy. "hmmm" our not so little character thinks "Yes, we have no bananas". So she ends up saying something about having no idea and that Brigie should chose. So chose brigie does. A nice, delicious, chocolate covered crosaunt/pastry that was odviously over $1.60, but thats what Frances paid to the very nice girl at the counter by the name of Brigid. and that was her day! hurrah!!! Besides being home later than expected nothing mentionable arose to the mind of Frances... except for how many people pick their noses in their cars at the lights... but thats another story....


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