Monday, December 15

And they started singing and grooving to the melody, not reliesing that the punch bowl had been spiked, slowly people began to get entangled with each other as more and more punch was consumed. hmmm do I want some punch. my brother had some Coke in the fridge and I was thristy so I poured me a glass, a full one, and sculled the lot, but lol its quite funny, it had i think it was rum in it. I dunno how diluted it was but yeah, I like ordinary coke...
I HAVE A PAPER PHONE. RING ME!! its a samsung.
Thanks for the conversation jess, I just love it when people say hi and sign off. its a nice feeling, really.
Depression is anger without enthusiasm.

Twenty four gallons on my head,
might be twisted glue instead,
not making sense but no one minds,
just a way of spending time.
green elephants flying though my home,
happily sings the dancing garden gnome,
purple swirly swirls indeed
its me you need to feed
rocking out to the beets
tuning hard to the roots

sorry spur of the moment... I dun like beetroots... My head wont stop bobbing... tehehe, no I'm not tipsy, the rum was yesterday, i'm not trying to be tipsy either. bob bob bobbing head tehehe doggy


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