Tuesday, December 23

Ching Ching, money money money must be funny, in a rich mans world. Wow, I have money, step aside Bill Gates I got $100!! YAY! Its a voucher though, but me having money at all is pretty special and now I'll merge into the real world and realise that $100 can't buy alot that isn't meant to be eaten. Ohh, imagine all the PEZ I could buy with $100. do they even sell PEZ at MYER? well if it is "My store" then it should. Wow I'm excited, and I know you're most likely laughing but $100 is still a big deal in my eyes, and I just got it for chewing gum for 2 years. It tasted bad but. WOW! I just wrote all of that really fast and I think I'm on a high and I had to sign for the envelope aswell because it was soo special. and I had to rewrite every second word in that last sentance. I'm done boasting about all my lovely money to people who have more.
I watched 'Girl, Interupted' last night. It was very, a word the english lanugage hasn't invented yet. So I'll have to make one up. Ahhh. This is alot harder than I thought. Underplex. It sounds kinda dirty. Under being for understandable and plex being for perplex. But they contradict each other so it has to be a new word. Like it was understandable but it had that little bit where you go why? and yeah ooh maybe english does have a word for it but I just can't use a dictionary properly. I actually liked it quite alot. Yeah I might end up there, or at the top of the best of peoples who do stuff, or a lazy, self-absorbed bum. Or all of the above. The life cycle of the Francesca Butterfly, but I dunno if it every reaches past it's lava stage. meh, I never really liked butterflies anyway.
Wow its holidays, gonna see LOTR return of the king on boxing at 1:30, anyone else going then??
querky realities
Adios Air-cooler Avocardo-eating Amegos
'ave a good one! or two, or three or how ever many you choose. =D=D


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