Monday, December 22

Well little bubble-popping pals I haven't done any irregular nonsence of the strange kinda lately so thats what I might do. But it might end up making sence so no lifetime guarantees. Yeah I don't get "lifetime guarantees", is it your lifetime or the appilances lifetime? Well it's not gonna work forever. shmeh to confusing of the bad kind.
Smorgy's, eat, eat, all you can eat. food turns to fat now where are my feet?
Hey kids, where are you, no body tells you what to do. baby... do do dooo waaa shabopedy doo eeeeooooo. Blue pen, black pen in a blue casing. Maybe your crazy in the end.
Why do the White Pages pages turn yellow after a while? take it, take it, there's no time to cry. Hey kids rock and rock, nobody tells you where to go. No blue buzzard, no three eyed frog but as feline canine little cat dog.
It looks as if our two will never be one, something must be done. Gnomey man living at the end of my yard, we don't bother him much, his life was hard, living trapped in a concrete shell, never showing if he was sad or swell. Either eIther, neither neIther. Need each other soey.
So I can't aford to faulter or slow. Orange light, red light, stop. Green light beep your horn at the car infront. Bass, treble, balance, tone, banana. mmm banana split. His poor wife. Oh out on the roof to enquire the sky. Welcome to me very own show, I'll introduce my friends to you, oh no its ninny poo. I just wish you'd let me explain to you...
Crashed car speeding, wounds are bleeding, You know you know the victim, Luckily its not Mum. This goes out to the one I left behind. OH!! I got While I live! Step out of nonsence for alittle. Ellies parents and Mrs Mackenzie get killed!!! I know I just wrecked the first 2 chapters, sorry, but far out! What they'd already been through, to have that. I'd just freeze over, sorry nobody home. Everybody hurts, sometimes... And I felt stupid coz I forgot who Gavin was. If you don't know either he was the leader of the kids in the town with the hearing problem. Its such an awesome book I got to quote one bit that wont give away anymore. But it'll have to be short, otherwise I'm just a party pooper.
"'Mrs Samuels, call the Coucil, will you, and see what's happening about application. You're Ellie. Come in, Ellie.'
I wa glad he'd told me who I was. It's a relief to know who you are
Wow. I love it. Continuing...
That suger cane, that tasted good. They just stared at the weight of the world and pretend not to feel. Come on, come on, no one can see you cry.
Anyway, cherry-o. Hope your holidays are ol' good 'n' well.
Lotsa Love'n'Hugs (I wrote that so many times in my Christmas cards, its a trad now)
Peace is hopefully my future reality.
Adios Shiny Happy People, love you guys who read, still love you guys who don't. =D=D


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