Wednesday, December 24

Well, this is my blog and as I have made up of thoughts I guess I have to put this one in here because it is a special thought and I don't know where else to put it. Ahhhh, nope, i'm chicken, this thought stays in my head, I might as well delete this blog, meaning post, but thats silly. Wait, THIS is silly. ARG! just write it. I keep on thinking I'm going to die young. Like I'm going to have an accident and not pull though. I know this is like. WOOOH! Pesamistic Princess on her way, but its really buggin me. Its like I keep on having these dreams where I'm in a classroom and suddenyl everyone else disappears and its just me so I run outside to look for everyone else and get hit by a bus. and the bus doesn't stop until it runs into bright yellow wall and then I wake up.
and just to top it of I think I'm falling in like with someone who I've been friends for ages.
oh well, not dead yet. Adios Airboarn Axy Amegos


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