Wednesday, December 24

And now I shall blog.
I must be alittle behind the times, its Christmas tomorrow!! WOW! thought it was next week for some abscure reason, even though I'm well aware of the dates. It doesn't feel like Christmas. Oh well. MERRY CHRISTMAS DUDES AND DUDETTES! You sunk my battle ship. *guitar rip* =D Bill and Ted. thank you.
This shall be my thankful blog, so its gonna be alittle long, and if you don't get thanked send my and angry letter asking why you weren't thanked. Well better get it started.
Thanks blog for all the memories you are storing
Thanks MSN for the many hours I can spend talking to many people at once without using the phone.
Thanks Alby for all the hours you spend on MSN with me, and making me smile when I feel really crap.
Thanks scoll button on my mouse, it makes scolling so much faster.
Thanks Amy and Kate for all those interesting, out of the subject coments that turn into a beautiful conversation of there own, pointless but soo much better than the original topic.
Thanks Jess for always caring and listening even though you ask "whats your problem now?"
Thanks Rachel for just being a awesome person to talk to.
Thanks Alex for being my first bloody brilliant boyfriend.
Thanks Kathy for being a kick ass friend who always signs in when I have to leave.
Thanks Squashy for all your internet sites and conversations.
Thanks Jo for all those video memories, teo dollars and fifteen cents. And even though you don't have internet anymore, thanks for all the hours on msn.
Thanks Brumby's for your seasame dinner rolls
Thanks Brigie, LE and Sinead for all you wonderful entertaining blogging.
Thanks REM, Third Day, Queen, Bowie, Presidents and Don McLean (is that his last name? for all of your brilliant songs, and the writer of "Billy Don't Be a Hero"
Thanks to the maker of bouncey balls and making the 20c ones so cheap =D
Thanks everyone for not being on MSN at the moment, lol.
Thanks Laura for always saying poo in the middle of our conversations, it got annoying but it was humourous.(is that how u spell it?)
Thanks people who can spell my name correctly.
Thanks IMesh for all your downloadable downloads.
Thanks Alice, Alby and Alex for doing the Christmas card walk with me.
Thanks to everyone who was home so we could deliver your Christmas card.
Thanks holidays for exsisting.
Thanks siblings and mummy and dad for a great non-argumental year
Thanks Alex for just signing in!! YES someone to talk to.
Thanks GOD for everything you have blessed me with.
And finally thank YOU! yes YOU for reading =D
Adios A4 Paper Ageing Amegos


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