Friday, December 26

Yeah, well I said I'd write something during the holidays so here is the first bit of something I've been writing. If you think its crap send me an angry letter so I can turn her into black ninja and set it in Canada just to make it more interesting. Well yeah here it is.

Darkness crept over the sky. To the east some stars had started to shine dimly. Jodie finally got up out of the long grass and sighed, she wanted to get away from her life. But the only way she would be able to do that was fly, and that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Meeting up with the path out of the reserve she took a left and cut across some bush until she reached the fence. Making sure not to tear her jeans on the wire she climbed over it. She reached her house, sighed again and prepared her ears for the blasting from her father. Opening the front door she headed straight for her room, hoping to avoid all glimpses from her family.
It wasn’t that Jodie had a bad life or that she hated her family, she just felt empty. Like she could do more than her parents and the world would let her. She wanted to explore past the boundaries. She wanted to break free. But everytime she got a chance she felt like a dog tied to a tree, just out of reach of food. Like a moon, destined to orbit the same planet for eternity.

“What world are you living in that you so long to escape from?” The boy on the other side of the country asked.
“I don’t know,” Jodie typed back “But its just, oh I don’t know, what kind of life do you think I could complain about?”
“Well living as an orphan in total poverty and having to look after your seven younger siblings”
“Its not that bad! Man, you make me sound like a complete whinger!” Jodie answered a little insulted “Compared to that its nothing, just mental bullshit that I can’t control. Yeah well, that’s my story. What your problem?”
“Well my names Brian and I’m an alcoholic.” He said jokingly. “What gives you the idea that I have a problem?”
“So you’re completely happy?”
“Not having a problem doesn’t have anything to do with complete happiness Jodes! What mind set have you been living in?? ‘Oh the world is shit so lets dwell in our miserable thoughts for all of our lives’ You need to seriously chill out!”
“WOAH! Sorry! You didn’t need to completely crack it, I was just asking. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Jodie replied, shocked by Brian’s sudden outburst.
“I’ve g2g now, talk to you later.” Brian said after awhile.
“Ok. See you later alligator” Jodie said, hoping for him to relay the joke back.
Brian signed off. Jodie signed off too, no one else worth talking to was online. She shut down the computer and checked the clock, 2:30 am, time for bed.


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