Sunday, January 18

Well hidey-ho there people of the internet relm. How are we all? I and completely and utterly bored, thus I shall continue to right to you as I have nothing better to do. And I said, "What about, breakfast at tiffany's", she said "I, think I, remember the film line, yes I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it" and I said, "Well thats, one thing we got"
and then, some, one else said, something 'bout grammer, and I said, "that is, quite off the plot"
Errhem yes, well maybe I am very bored, and it is ruining this lovely blog so I shall stop for this kind of writing only makes it worse and what on earth am I talking about?!?! AHHH! damn electrified, barbwired poles. And who wrote about the Cebu yesterday? coz it wasn't me although it is a pretty good point.
Sad cebu is rowing and crying, a boo moo moo, boo moo moo, moo moo.
Adios alphabetical amigos. C is for coookie thats good enough for me...


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