Wednesday, January 28

The Title of a Titled Posting. The Adventure of the Broken Flower Pots.

Tehehe, sleepy, been up alll night on sugared goodness, like erkil. Watched some alright movies with some brilliant friendies, like erkil.
mooohahaha, only to wish to open my mouth full of slimey, green, jaggered teeth and close them slowly around the tender flesh, just to hear the statisfying crack of its spine and slurp of liquids as I rip open its neck like a present on my 8th birthday.
Whats that about I don't know, I HAVE... I was about to say hands or a dream but I think thats not very original. soooo. I HAVE THE URGE TO STOP SOON! I got to urge, she got the urge for herbal. boooo wa! Coz I'm free! to do wat I want! Any ol' time. Love me! Hold me! Hold me! Love me! Cause I'm FREE!! CAW CAW the raven cries, showing its disapproval of the way the world is going, running 'round in circles on a broken track. When people run in circles its a very, very mad world...
Adios Addictive Amigos, hope your holidays were shiney as we move into the dark days of school starting. I hope the mist clears soon...


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