Thursday, January 22

Yes. It is. Very much so. Completely and utterly so. What on earth I am talking about, no coment, you'll have to talk to my lawyer.
We got a new scanner, ahuh ahuh, we did, we did. and its so cute and tiny.
And suddenly I have nothing to say. Quite a rare thing actually, well. 5 days until I find out whether I got into year 11 psychology. Excitement, or mabye just more work. Yep, well, this posting is very empty of enthusiasm. meh. tired. bored. laking amusement. la de dee la de daa. Shawing, ting ting ping, twang! zoip! and a giggle giggle te-he-he. yanky doodle went to town, a riding on a pony, stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni. Ohh, so many versions of that. WELL! erhem, adios amigos.


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