Tuesday, January 27

I have been talking names with my good ol' mate Alby, so then I thought "hmm" and asked everyone else on msn their favourite names. And yes we all know it would be funny to call people by kitchen appliances.
Frances| Girls: Lorelei/ Boys: Frederic
Alby| Girls: Kristin/ Boys: Lucas
Laura| Girls: Ruby/ Boys: Jack
Rachel| Girls: Emma/ Boys: Sam
Andy| Girls: Aribeth/ Boys: No Idea
Emma| Girls: Chloe and Zara / Boys: Jedd
A Luke person I don’t really know| Girls: Aleisha/ Boys: Calleb
Will| Girls: Jodie/ Boys: Cain
Alice| had too hard of a time deciding, and didn’t want to be part of this. Haha, too late.
Ross (brother)| Girls: Penelope/ Boys: Sebastian
Wendy| Girls: Heidi/ Boys: Daniel
Janine| Girls: Tiffany/ Boys: Scott

Well hurruh hurray! Moohaha. Yes well, I think thats enough of me being bored. da da da da lade dee. yep Adios Alpha Amigos


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