Friday, January 30

The Angriness of Frances on a Friday

7 people!! 7 people! Only 7 bloody people, all girls for that matter, in yr 10 german. out of 108 or something, only 7!! And its with bumming frau moore, or conner or hore or watever she is nowadays. Man she shits me up the wall. At least they aren't annoying people, but the frau sure makes up for that. AND IT WAS SO QUITE! It was scary. You could hear people writing and thats not normal for a class, not right at all. and WAHH!! =( AND AND! just to top it off, I can't do yr 11 pysc' cause it clashes with maths. But it seems alot of people missed out on there yr 11 subjects because it clashed with maths. WHY MATHS?? At the end of last year 2D art was in block A, and that would of been fine, but nooooooo they had to change maths to block A. AND what annoys me more is that 10D and 10E don't have maths in block A! AND ARRRG! If they didn't want us to do it they should of just said so, snobby bloody school that suposedly has lots of money except doesn't spend it. OH! AND AND! We can only have the talent quest or the musical. WTF is that about? We have talent quests every year, its a fund raising thing. And I don't think money is a problem because we only have musicals every second year, dispite what teachers say to the yr 6ers coming up every year. AND AAAARRGGG!! I wanna do the musical because rumor is that it is Grease and that is one of the best musicals ever in my opinion, but then I wanna do this act thingy we've been planning for the talent quest and grrr! I don't like you forest hole! VOTE FOR JUSTICE! VOTE FOR ME!


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