Monday, February 2

My 4th Dimention

Good morning, George. How are you? I hope you're feeling fine! I'd love to stay and talk but it's almost eight o' clock and I haven't got the time!!
Because we work real hard at the Chocolate factory, we start at eight and we don't get lunch 'till three. I've gotta drive a truck, to make a buck, so I can send it home to my family.
=D Good Evening actually but my sis was singing it now it is here. I think I've onlt ever mentioned my sister when she's been singing. Hmm, what does that say? She talks alot, and usually loudly. AND HURRAY FOR CHIGGEN! I feel like chiggen tonight, like chiggen tonight. Hey! I actually had chiggen for dinner. wow. weird. But ahhhh! What about the bird flu?? AHHH! What if! AHH! What if someone did something. sorry just lost my train of thought. So I better go before I ruin the flow, ho ho ho, merry christmas and a happy new year.
Adios AWOL Aztec Amigos


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