Sunday, February 1

HURRAH! Hurray for dancing chickens with their funny hats and clever shoes! I love dancing chickens with funny hats and clever shoes. Aren't they just the coolest? Yeah, I know, they don't quite pass the margin of your coolness, but nothing can really do such a stunt. Disco, disco, disco, disco, its coloured gold baby! Or something like that. I was dancing when I was twelve. I was dancing when I was twelve! la la la la la alaaaa! Emma's shoes are cleverer but mine have magical soles that can say spaghetti. How cool is that? OH YOU MUST SEE MY SHOES BEFORE THEY DEPART! *sniffle* My very very favourite shoes in the whole wide world are nearly dead, after 3 years of loyal service. But they are so cool, I don't want to stop wearing them. WAHH! I want my shoey! the left one! Aww I have to find a picture of the make on the web so u can awe in its beauty. My poor flame airwalks, I shall miss you. Luckily you are not gone yet. HURRAY FOR SHOES! Wow, I never thought I'd say that line of shopping insaneness.


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