Saturday, February 7

do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight, get down tonight, WOOT! Ahuh ahuh, ahuh-ahuh-ahuh, ooh yeah.
yo hotstuff! How you doin'? I 've been meltin' in ma shoes coz you look so damn fine. Still Smilin'
How are we all in the internet relm where reality is what we want it to be? I hope your happy, its always good to be happy, unless you're only happy when your beating the crap out of someone, ahhh! I hope your not that type of person, and sorry if I insulted you if you are. ahhhh.... Anyway! So I'm walking down this street, right? and this dog comes up to me and starts slobbering all over my leg. This doggy saliva wasn't your normal doggy saliva, it was yellow and has chunks of something, that I just hope was just some tanbark. And it was yuck and yeah, ewwwy. I ended up trying to get it off and wipe it on the over-friendly dog, then it lost intrest in me and walked off, well kinda galloped. Silly big dogs, I wonder whose it was. And that is my story.
My team won tennis today, 43 - 33. HORRAY. My dad turned up just before my singles and sat on the otherside of the fence watching. and snapping bloody twigs! Does anyone know how annoying that is? If I he wasn't my dad who takes tennis resonably serious I would say he was doing it on purpose just to piss me off. and he kept butting in with the scores, like I'd ask my lovely opponent if it was 15-40 or 30 all and he'd just say 15-40. AND AHH! I love my dad but if he isn't playing he should remain quiet, please. yeah well, I lost my singles 3-6. MOOO!
Cows go moo, they really really do, moo moo moo, cows go moo. MOOO Pascal Moochews, which will you choose, pascal moochews, moochews. i wonder what happened to them? They like got taken off the market ages ago. hmm. Well thats al from me for now. But have no fear, Frances is here! Or maybe you should have fear because I'm here. aww whatever, love yas!

Arrivederci Amici, Adios Amigos, Auf Weidersehen Freunde, Au Revoir Amis, Adeus Amigos

P.S. How many languages say 'goodbye' starting with 'A'? thats pretty weird.


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