Sunday, February 15

Got lions and tigers only in Kenya, forget Norway! Kenya! Oh Kenya! Where the giraffes are, and the zebras! Kenya! Kenya! Kenya! Kenya! Kenya, come to Kenya! Kenya beleive it!
Tats loopin' round and round inside my head.
Come on fhqwgads, I see you jocking me, trying to play like 'you know me?'
Catchy webs they are. but i think i'm kinda stealing there pure brilliance by putting the words here, you just have to hear it. OH! Typing about pure brilliance, Brigie, your poem is awesome, wow. I love it. wow.
Now I have a blank of what else to say coz of the wowness... um... yeah. wow. um... so...
everybody to the limit, frances is to the limit, come on now fhqwhgads!
Alright, alright, alright.
See ya buddys! Oh wait. Adios Agile Actor Amigos!


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