Friday, February 27

Not to name names of nameless people

When we left the movie show the future wasn't bright, but came the dawn the show goes on and I don't want to say good night! So say good morning! Good MORNING! Well actually good evening, but hey, no technicallities.
How are we all? I'm very good after my hour and a bit of patchwork therapy. Its really good, as long as you have different colours and good music. Very good music. Yes. My patchwork is now around 30cm by 15cm or so. And not its not quilting patchwork its patchwork patchwork as in scrap stuff, unfortuantly no florals. Damn. Well yes, lacking things to say.
awww esky wants to get out via the window. He reached up for it and meowed really cutely. Aww he's gone away now. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. GUY SO RUINED THAT SONG! You can not beat Louis Armstrong so don't try and ruin his songs. Yes, well I know you know the way to San Jose.
I found a way, a way make, a stand...


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