Saturday, February 21

Good Afternoon Ms Bloggedy-blu, how are we all on this wonderously cloudy Saturday? All the stranges came today, and it looks like that they are here to stay. Hope you're mentally, phsyically and emotionally happy. or at least one of the above.
Theres an opera thing on TV, and I've never really been intrested in opera, but it gains my interest now because of the translation, the lyrics are awesome.
I showed Naomi my little book of my... erm, poems? and she said it it was really surprising coz she didn't think I had a "suicidal streak" or dark side. Both of which I argued with. I don't think its that dark, is it? Well Its not ment to be, so it shouldn't. The only really dark one was that one about ripping out someones neck flesh and that wasn't in it. awww, I'm not suicidial damnit! I just write more about the crappyness then the goodness, because the goodness deserves to be lived not written about, and noone should have to go through the crappyness. Yeah, well, or something along those lines. awww. Don't ask me whats going though my head, I honestly don't know, well maybe just not at the moment. Me go now. Byezybyez

I know a girl who waits, all her life, she's been waiting in shame, anticipating a change she can't explain. Don't let me seem so, don't let me feel so... down.
Theres a better way, theres a better way...


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