Wednesday, February 25

35/36 for our drama improvisation assesment. I feel so good about that. I got to be a two faced, snobby, shop assistant; a sexist, sleazy guy on a double date who hit on the the other couple of lesbians while his girlfriend was next to him; and the good guy in a western that dies because the bad guy cheated, but then she got shot too by the indian. Tehehe, in the western all the girls played male roles and Pat, the only guy, played the damsel in distress.
OH! The double date in the restaurant was the best. tehehe funny, but I had to be soo sexist. It made me feel unclean. "I think I want some chicken brrrreast".
Yeah well, hmmm, how are you today? Yes I am asking you. Well I had double german to start off today, so that dragged down my morning but brought me to make a new song. That mainly consisted of "Gemüse" 9 times then "Obst" and then "Sissigkeiter" to finish it off. But I couldn't, pronounce that sissig one. anyway, tennis training g2g now adios


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