Sunday, February 29

oooh, and it makes me wonder. ohhh, your head is humming and it won't go
in case you don't know, the piper's calling you to join him, dear lady, can you hear the wind blow...

It is the day of sun, a sunny day. I don't get to go to smorgy's with friends, I get to go to my grandma's with family. Dunno if thats a good or bad thing, I don't like smorgys but I like friends. Meh. I .... just lost my train of thought. Bummer.
I have to do home work now, apply for work experience at the coroners court. I wrote to 4 different forensic places and all rejected me. Because of the "nature of their work". Well I don't like them either.
Anyway, cooling off, adios


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