Sunday, March 7

Amy's surprise party was a complete success. She came over to my house with a little of expectation of a surprise party but when she got here, no one was here except my beautiful family so that was good. Luckily she didn't see Kates rolled up sleeping bag in the middle of my room. So we set off to Blackburn Lake for "Kate's Cousin's Party". And when we got to the spot ppl were so well hidden I thought they'd buggered off. But then they jumped out and Amy was hopefully very surprised. I think she was surprised coz when Jo started bouncing around shouting "open presents!" she still looked pretty shocked going "whaa?"
GO TEAM! Yay. And the cake Kate made was sooo chocolatly and filling we didn't even bother buying the pizza. mmmm soo much chocolate...
Yeah so we all had a good time. mep. so many eccentric perspectives.
well I got to vamoose, ciao!
be the salient one


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