Thursday, March 4

Well hello there! DROP ELBOW! come on, yeah, we're in da house. WEll I'm in my house anyway, dunno where you are. If you every have the urge for a high five, do a drop elbow.
Oh I love to climb a mountain and to reach the highest peak, but it does thrill me half as much as dancing cheak to cheak.
So, how was your day? I just got back from playing to the little children that now filter through our school, also known as yr 7s. Then Loc, Brad, Jo'ash and I started busking and we got 50c!! WOOT! Bonza! But I chose not to take my share of our tresure as I have to be the responsible yr 10 and not make too much noise. tehehe, teachers say the funniest things.
Oh come on dance with me, I want my arm about you, the charm about you, will carry me through.
That is my new favourite song, as of this moment, it'll change by the end of the night to "Sweet Transvestite" out of Rocky Horror or "Why Not Smile" by REM.
I've been making a man, with blonde hair and a tan, and he's good for relieving my... tension!
Well I better go Auf Weidersehen!
Why don't you stay for the night, or maybe a bite...


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