Monday, March 1

Hey ho hello there! How are we all? Hope you're happy. Fun, Laughs, Good time! Yeah! The schools doin' sweet charity for the musical this year and I'm just getting into some of the songs. Hit the floor and crawl to Daddy. Alot of people don't want the musical coz its taking to place of the Talent Quest, but the schools wack, if they get rid of the musical they're not gonna put the talent quest back on. Meh, too confusing. And the tingle in your feet. I want the talent quest too, but I'd rather 1 thing than none. All I can say is "wow!" we look at where I am! Yeah, its catchy. lol.
And The Rhythm Of Life is a powerful beat, puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet, rhythm in your bedroom, rhythm in the street, yes, the Rhythm Of Life is a powerful beat!


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