Wednesday, March 10

Extreme happiness

Tuesday night at church was awesome, I dunno what came over me, must of been the awesome atmospere, but I just started laughing during worship. It was hiralious. Wow, it was so good. You should of been there.
And today was pretty awesome too, especially for a wednesday. Double German wasn't as bad as I thought, which was good. And in sport we had gadorade ppl come and I kicked a goal, I feel soo spesh! We still lost, but carn the green! ELBOW!! WOOT!
I.P. was good too. I got to continue my logo of "da chicken on wheels", its green. tehehe. Maths was abit of a bummer with our teacher keep on yelling at us telling us to listen and pens down and the next second asked if we had finished yet and why we hadn't finished yet. She probally had a bad day and needed to outlet somewhere.
WOOOOOOOOOT! Everybody, everybody! SAILING MISHAP! NEW TEEN GIRL SQUAD!!! OW! My hopes of reaching first base!
This side has birds on it!! lol!! awww
Still laughing,
TEHEHE! MOHAHA, you know who I am.


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