Friday, March 12

MY SISTER HAS NO HAIR!!! Well she has a no. 1 but still! AHHH! Ca-RAZY! but its for 'The World's Greatest Shave For a Cure' so atleast it was worth it. She raised about $400, which is also good. SHE HAS NO HAIR! tehehe, skinhead, wow. No hair for her hair brush!
"Turn it off Neil" "No its really good this one... nnneee" *smash*
Awww, the young ones, brilliance. I know you love it.
"I can't beleive it, my parents, dead"-(p)Rick "thats bad"- Neil
So what you do today? I hope you had fun. =)
Where was I before the day, that I first saw your lovely face? Now I see it everyday... And I know... that I am... I... am, I... am, the luckiest...
Thanks for shopping, have a nice day!


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