Tuesday, March 23

Did you miss me? I haven't written in 5 days, ooooh. Sorry I was such a snob. But alot of people have been snobs of late which is no excuse and I apoligise for bringing up such a weak excuse. Bloody majority think they own the world. Just like americans and fish and leaves and those people who smoke in the toliets at shopping centres. And thats the end of my little people anger. Anyway. My brother turned 18 on Thursday, WOOT! And we had his party on Saturday, yeah, yeah, we did, we did, and he's my brother. Just ignore that last bit, so we had both sides of the family over and Ross's friends. Mmmhmm! And it was good and I'd have to say Red Bear is good. Not that I had any or anything.... umm... maybe. But I didn't wag the last period on Friday! We got permission to leave from a teacher, just not from my teacher, but it was only German, and no one else was there because they were all exhasted from basketball marathon and went home and I didn't want be alone in a room with.... Frau Moore *shivers*
And now I shall leave you,
toot toot train toot'n its way home


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