Saturday, March 27

Lappi Upp! I mean, Hello all!
How you doin'? I'm okay, hoping not to get a relaps of whatever I had yesterday. It was very bleh and crampy and gluggy. And not nice, like most sicknesses. Atleast its not diphtheria, because we got immunised for that and tetnus and whooping cough on wednesday. Woot! I would hate to die of any of those, the symptoms are gross. anyway.
Grand final today, wow its only 7:45 and I'm already up, I don't have to go until later coz I'm not playing.
Yeah well, hey, what about you? I want to know about you. Tell me how you are, share your story.
But Your life here has made it clear enough for me to see, that if I do not love, I am nothing...
Adios amigos, hope youse have a happy day.

Liz’ta cio kievk si hea? Zlav cio kievk si jpc… uzuc jtiq es upp?


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