Friday, April 16

Allo, hello, good day, aye, good morning, hey, g'day, yo, howsit, how you doing, greetings, howdy, salutations, hi, WOOP WOOP!
they call me mellow yellow. Or caramello... koala, I go with the flow
Actually, I don't think anyone calls me mellow yellow, but meh. Any old excuse will do.
Questions running through my head, the same effect of a pulled loose thread, Where have all the dreamers gone? What are we all running from? All in all what have we done? So and so, and another someone? Who? What? Why? Are we afraid to dream? afraid to die?
Where have all the dreamers gone? Where are those who love, and those who care? Open you're eyes and see, that they haven't gone anywhere...


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