Thursday, April 29

What's up in your life? I never really know, it just seems to pass and then it becomes nothing. Like when someone asks "What did you do today?" the reply is usually "not much" even if something good happened. Or something devisating or something new or something that really pissed you off. Has life lost it's charm, is it growing boring? I think life itself isn't getting boring, just the people are trying to be more extreme. Smalls things don't mean anything anymore, or maybe it does on the inside but people are too busy trying to project the "ness" they want to be, the person that is acceptable. Person that is accepted, but at the same time being different. Everyone craves to be different, but why? Why should we crave something we already have? I'm confused and puzzled and now I have asked you, hoping for a reply. I've never really written a blog like this, I don't know if its a good or a bad thing, but its something in my head that I thought I would share. I want to be different and accepted and have a reply to this blogging (wink wink nudge nudge), maybe not everyone does, but how am I meant to know that? It like asking someone next to you at the very back of a crowd if they can see anything up the front, it might seem stupid, but how do you know that they can't see anything either? I'm not trying to sound like the only one who thinks these things, I just wanted to write it down. So I'm gonna go now, leaving you with whatever thoughts are running 'round inside your head.


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