Saturday, January 31

I want to say "I hate you" continuosly over and over again but it'd be a lie and just a reflection of my sad mood thats gone sour. I talk too much about nothing. Its a good and a bad thing. Well I dunno. Okay better mood. I shall bang my head on the table until stress is relieved. Yes me happy now. Oh yes, want to read about my strange encounter with music? Well if you don't stop reading. =S
Right, so, I was listening to ghosts by gary jules, a real ledg, and then I started reading a post by brigie and she was writing about those annoying, stupid ppl ruining the awesomeness of mad world and then suddenly the song started on my playlist and, wow, yeah I was quiet startled.
And then something happened in which something else was said that upset the stomachs of the brass players in the marching band who spent the next 2 weeks cleaning their instruments. not quite sure where that came from.
How do you define a fault in a persons personality? I don't believe it is so. Maybe there's some stuff about them that really ticks you off, but that doesn't make it a fault, on either of ur behalfs. In the eye of the beholder stuff again, sorry don't mind me. Being opinuated but pretening not to take sides. Adios Ant and Apple-eating Armadilo Amigos.
Its hard to believe, that he was laughing at you, poor jeremmiah weed.

Smashing Pumpkins - Fuck You (An Ode to No one)

I'm never coming back, I'm never giving in, i'll never be the shine in your spit. I disconnect the act, I disconnect the dots, I disconnect the me in me. And you're mistaken, It's you that's faking, living and breathing and dying too, this message is for anyoine who dares to hear a fool, you can't bring me back, you can't bring me back. Cause I give it all back to you, thru sacred alleys, the living wrecks, wreak their havoc upon this world.
The disenchanted, the romantics, the body and face and soul of you is gone down that deep black hole. Destroy the mind-destroy the body-but you cannot destroy the heart, and you, you make me so I need to disconnect, and you make it so real. I don't need your love to disconnect. To runaround kids in get-go cars, with vaseline afterbirths and neon coughs, galaxies full of nobodies, giving us the farewell runarounds.
I took a virgin mary axe to his sweet baby jane, lost my innocence to a no good girl, scratch my face with anvil hands, and coil my tongue around a bumblebee mouth and I give it all back to you.
No way, I don't need it, I don't need your love to disconnect, and you make it, so real, I don't need your love to disconnect.
No way to disconnect and you make it so real, I don't need your love to disconnect, no way to disconnect...

Friday, January 30

The Angriness of Frances on a Friday

7 people!! 7 people! Only 7 bloody people, all girls for that matter, in yr 10 german. out of 108 or something, only 7!! And its with bumming frau moore, or conner or hore or watever she is nowadays. Man she shits me up the wall. At least they aren't annoying people, but the frau sure makes up for that. AND IT WAS SO QUITE! It was scary. You could hear people writing and thats not normal for a class, not right at all. and WAHH!! =( AND AND! just to top it off, I can't do yr 11 pysc' cause it clashes with maths. But it seems alot of people missed out on there yr 11 subjects because it clashed with maths. WHY MATHS?? At the end of last year 2D art was in block A, and that would of been fine, but nooooooo they had to change maths to block A. AND what annoys me more is that 10D and 10E don't have maths in block A! AND ARRRG! If they didn't want us to do it they should of just said so, snobby bloody school that suposedly has lots of money except doesn't spend it. OH! AND AND! We can only have the talent quest or the musical. WTF is that about? We have talent quests every year, its a fund raising thing. And I don't think money is a problem because we only have musicals every second year, dispite what teachers say to the yr 6ers coming up every year. AND AAAARRGGG!! I wanna do the musical because rumor is that it is Grease and that is one of the best musicals ever in my opinion, but then I wanna do this act thingy we've been planning for the talent quest and grrr! I don't like you forest hole! VOTE FOR JUSTICE! VOTE FOR ME!
I started a joke, which started the whole world crying. But I didn't see, that the joke was on me, oh no. I started to cry, which started the whole world laughing, oh, if I'd only seen, that the joke was on me.

Yeah, hi people. The lack of something to say is overwelming. But I don't exsist today, so it doesn't really matter what I do say, cause it wouldn't exsist if someone had not said it. Pulsing under my skin, the blood within, the veins that may, be released someday. What do you see, when you look right through me? mohahahaha. I give you a hug. You look like you need a hug, so I'll give you a hug. =] Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard, oh take me back to the start. soo, yeah. Adios Apricot-Flavoured Amigo's (the A adjective today was brought to you by the letters H, Q and the number 5.)

I looked at the skies, running my hands over my eyes, and I fell out of bed, hurting my head from things that I said. 'Till I finally died, which started the whole world living, oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me...

Wednesday, January 28

The Title of a Titled Posting. The Adventure of the Broken Flower Pots.

Tehehe, sleepy, been up alll night on sugared goodness, like erkil. Watched some alright movies with some brilliant friendies, like erkil.
mooohahaha, only to wish to open my mouth full of slimey, green, jaggered teeth and close them slowly around the tender flesh, just to hear the statisfying crack of its spine and slurp of liquids as I rip open its neck like a present on my 8th birthday.
Whats that about I don't know, I HAVE... I was about to say hands or a dream but I think thats not very original. soooo. I HAVE THE URGE TO STOP SOON! I got to urge, she got the urge for herbal. boooo wa! Coz I'm free! to do wat I want! Any ol' time. Love me! Hold me! Hold me! Love me! Cause I'm FREE!! CAW CAW the raven cries, showing its disapproval of the way the world is going, running 'round in circles on a broken track. When people run in circles its a very, very mad world...
Adios Addictive Amigos, hope your holidays were shiney as we move into the dark days of school starting. I hope the mist clears soon...

Tuesday, January 27

I have been talking names with my good ol' mate Alby, so then I thought "hmm" and asked everyone else on msn their favourite names. And yes we all know it would be funny to call people by kitchen appliances.
Frances| Girls: Lorelei/ Boys: Frederic
Alby| Girls: Kristin/ Boys: Lucas
Laura| Girls: Ruby/ Boys: Jack
Rachel| Girls: Emma/ Boys: Sam
Andy| Girls: Aribeth/ Boys: No Idea
Emma| Girls: Chloe and Zara / Boys: Jedd
A Luke person I don’t really know| Girls: Aleisha/ Boys: Calleb
Will| Girls: Jodie/ Boys: Cain
Alice| had too hard of a time deciding, and didn’t want to be part of this. Haha, too late.
Ross (brother)| Girls: Penelope/ Boys: Sebastian
Wendy| Girls: Heidi/ Boys: Daniel
Janine| Girls: Tiffany/ Boys: Scott

Well hurruh hurray! Moohaha. Yes well, I think thats enough of me being bored. da da da da lade dee. yep Adios Alpha Amigos

Saturday, January 24

In the morning when I woke up, he was sitting on the edge of my bed, with his brother whose name was Fred, he'd bought him along to sing me a song.
Right, let's hear it here, what's that clicking noise?
That's Fred, he's a "metrognome", haha!
Ha ha ha, hee hee hee
"I'm a laughing Gnome and you don't catch me"
Ha ha ha, hee hee hee
"I'm a laughing Gnome and you can't catch me"

tehehe, early Bowie, you have to hear. Laughing Gnome. tehehe. aww brilliance. So what are you people doing today? like chicken tonight?
*steping* Do do do de do *right kick* *steping ther way* do do do de dooo. *left kick* tada. yes as per usual when writing on this little blog of mine, I am bored. but not completly.

Own up, I'm a gnome, ain't I right, haha
"Haven't you got an 'ome to go to?"
No, we're gnomads
"Didn't they teach you to get your hair cut at school? You look like a rolling gnome."
No, not at the London School of Ecognomics

tehehe. ahhh. so good, is not good. Adios Arrowed Apple Amigos!

Thursday, January 22

Yes. It is. Very much so. Completely and utterly so. What on earth I am talking about, no coment, you'll have to talk to my lawyer.
We got a new scanner, ahuh ahuh, we did, we did. and its so cute and tiny.
And suddenly I have nothing to say. Quite a rare thing actually, well. 5 days until I find out whether I got into year 11 psychology. Excitement, or mabye just more work. Yep, well, this posting is very empty of enthusiasm. meh. tired. bored. laking amusement. la de dee la de daa. Shawing, ting ting ping, twang! zoip! and a giggle giggle te-he-he. yanky doodle went to town, a riding on a pony, stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni. Ohh, so many versions of that. WELL! erhem, adios amigos.

Monday, January 19

"...but I know I can't talk to that guy for more than about 3 seconds before I start thinking that gnawing my own leg off might be a more better way to spend my time." Strong Bad. You are my hero. Scroll, scroll, da button, du button, scrolling so smooth like butter on a muffin.
You shall be-dazzled in all its dazzlement. OHH! AND CHECK OUT TEEN GIRL SQUAD! I met a possum. Lets get youghurt. MSG'D! Weirded out! yes, I might have further references to them so you might want to have a look.
And amy, I'm sorry I made a big deal out of you asking for my help and then not waiting for a reply. It was silly. but then that goes very well with the general stuff that goes on. SILLY BILLY! tehehe. billy don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life. billy don't be a hero, come back and make me your wife. And thats all from me, tune in next time to hear Larry sing, everyones got a baby kangaroo, yours is pink but mine is blue...
Adios Another A-Starting Adjective Amigos!
Amy you rude little girl! "Oh thanks Frances", I didn't even get that! Well grrr, not happy, you can stick your pictures up your bottom for all I care, I spent ages typing it so u could actually read it. "Oh I know how to do links now" blah blah blah. *shakes fist*. Thank you sooooo much for your gratitude. Aww, I do love you Amy but sheesh.
Caw the raven cried. My hypothosis, all ravens are black or an equal hypothosis, all non-black things are non-ravens. So a pen being blue prooves that ravens are black. Confused?

Sunday, January 18

Well Amy, you vant my help, eh? how do you put links on. Hmmm I do not know. MUHAHAHA of course I do know, because I know everything!! MUHAHAHA EVIL CACKLE!! Yes well, first you put your right arm in, your right arm out, no, wait you don't. Ok, you sign in. You go to the page where you write stuff, and click on TEMPLATE!! oooh speshical little bear, er icon thingy. and then you put something like this:
(p)(b)(font face="Hobo" color="#FF000 0") PUT HEADING OF DESIRE (/font)(/b)(/p)
For a heading. Don't you love the font? and then you do something like this:
(p)(b)(font face="Arial")(ahref="PUT ADDRESS HERE!") PUT NAME HERE! (/a)(/font)(/b)(/p)
Except you know, you put like all the right stuff were it says "PUT BLAH BLAH HERE" And replace the ( and ) with < and >. ooh i do not know whether this will come out properly, bummer. hope it does. Oh but oh! First you have to find a spot on your template thingamajig that says something about links, but you have a different template than me so I dunno, and put the bogus < p >< b> stuffy stuff under that. hope this helps and if it confuses u. GIVE ME YOUR STUFF, and then I can do it for you. I just read over it and it was very confusing, well, it wasn't when I first typed it so maybe it won't be when you first read it. MEH! hope it helps. OOOOOH Jessica's blog eh? the true, one and only angry shoes? have to check it out.
Well hidey-ho there people of the internet relm. How are we all? I and completely and utterly bored, thus I shall continue to right to you as I have nothing better to do. And I said, "What about, breakfast at tiffany's", she said "I, think I, remember the film line, yes I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it" and I said, "Well thats, one thing we got"
and then, some, one else said, something 'bout grammer, and I said, "that is, quite off the plot"
Errhem yes, well maybe I am very bored, and it is ruining this lovely blog so I shall stop for this kind of writing only makes it worse and what on earth am I talking about?!?! AHHH! damn electrified, barbwired poles. And who wrote about the Cebu yesterday? coz it wasn't me although it is a pretty good point.
Sad cebu is rowing and crying, a boo moo moo, boo moo moo, moo moo.
Adios alphabetical amigos. C is for coookie thats good enough for me...

Saturday, January 17

sick cebu is rowing and sneezing achoo moo moo, achoo moo moo, moo moo!

Friday, January 16

Good Day. How are we all on this lovely Friday? Hope you are good, good, gooooooooooood.
The love we've all been in before, a million ways to burn. Do do dee do da, yep I'm bored. shawing! ting-ting-ping TWANG! tehehe. Yeah random lyrics is the go. Oh I am what I am, I'll do what I want, but I can't hide. Hello, I'm your mind giving you someone to talk to. HELLO! Howdy Partner. Yo, yo, yo my bro-ther. How YOU doin'? wink-wink nudge-nudge how's your father? EEH! Damn poles (not polish people, they are cool) think they can stand anywhere. Wasted thoughts broken hearts, love was not acknowledged. Hmmm, soooo, you put your left arm in, your left arm out, your left arm in and you shake it all about, you do the hokey pokey and you turn around, thats whats its all about. WOOOOOAAHH, a hokey pokey, WOOOOAAAHH, a hokey pokey, WOOOOAAAHHH, ahokey pokey. Thats what its all about. Well not really. Jellyman, offspring, offspring, jellyman. You have some serious trill issues dude. WOAH RIGHTIOUS RIGHTIOUS! Dude, Mr Turlte is my father, I'm Crush. And he is a ledg. Give me some flipper, noggin. *thonk*
Let it ring a long, long, long, long time, if i don't pick up, hang up, call back, let it ring some more. "birds! birds!" is all we heard before she flew away, and the more I've been thinking, the more I know, know I'm living alone...
Thats all folks! Adios Awesome Airforce Amigos

Monday, January 12

AHHH!! After all this time i've been spelling it wrong!! its not amego, its amigo!! AH! what have I been saying? Bye amego? What is amego? oooh well. I apologise for calling you all amegos instead of amigos. It might just be one letter, but one letter makes a whole difference, like duck and buck. they wouldn't know whether you were talking about a bird or a mammal. Or some other social practise. or um... I have to think about this. Belgrave or Belgrade. You wouldn't know if you were near the Dandenongs or in Serbia. I think its Serbia. Well near Yugaslavia. Yeah and I'll stop there, I've made my point. Thats it from me.
Adios Auspicious Amigos

Sunday, January 11

You had the confidence of one,
Who didn't fear the pain.
One who pushed at all the boundries,
And didn't mind being called insane.
You were determinded,
You knew you were destined for much more,
But something happened,
Suddenly you weren't so sure...

Thought I'd just let you know, I still beleive you can rule the world. You can do it! You can do it allllll night long!

Saturday, January 10

Shaaawing ting-ting-ting "WAH!" shing wing ting-ting-ping tap! "GRR" ting-ting-shing shawing thud! Wow, I should fence more often. on guard! toshay! peray and thrust. tehehe thrusty. *cough cough* erhem. just smile and nod.
Well Phillip Island was gooooood. Not like you were wondering, but I'm back, and to be back I had to of gone somewhere.
The roof, the roof the roof is on fire... we didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world’s been turning. Anyone see that Billy Joel thingy on the ABC? Yes well... hmm... sha-wing-ting-ting pow! thonk! zap! bang! plonk! zonk! smash! crack! "ahhhh! my nose!"
And the written violence will be stopped. So shall the post.
Adios Armored Aniseed Amegos

Thursday, January 1

And they called it puppy love...Where on earth did that orginate from? Meh, probally some guy who bred dogs, or a singer, or an actor who just recited what the script writer wrote. No offence to actors or dog breders or garbage dudes. THANK U GARBAGE DUDES!!
I rediscovered my Gary Jules downloads hiding in my D:/ drive. just hidding away. It's really awesome feeling getting excited all over again. Running on the rocks of the river... and I'll stop. I don't know if I write too much or I don't write enough. I WANT SOME BUMMING FEEDBACK! GIVE ME SOME FEED BACK!! ARGG!! *smiles sweetly* paweease! if you don't know my e-mail its now you know it you have no excuse!
come in and try to wake her up, I can always sleep standing up.
Well, well my pretties it is the new year, and isn't it exciting, it's only 5mins old. aww the year is just a baby. Coochie coochie choo! Poor years, they only live for a year, then they die like yesterday.
Did you write the book of love and do you have faith in God above, if the bible tells you so. And do you beleive in rock'n'roll and music save your moral soul and can you teach me how to dance reeaaalll slow...
Noo Moo Foo Yoo. Too Coo Foo Schoo, and i'm done with that idea. they just stared at the weight of the world and pretend not to feel...
and good ol' boys were drinking whisky and rye....
singing this will be the day that I die...
this will be the day that I die....
*starts jazzy rhythm* *clicks fingers in beat intervals* (to "it don't mean a thing")
Musical culture, has grown alittle flat, the good ol' rhythms gone, the bass drum is getting too fat. The beat has gone, completely out of wack, come on you've gotta, bring that groovin' jazz back!!!
And that is my song.
And that is my blog.
And this is my name. But I forgot.
Yeah, happy new holden... I mean year... it's getting alittle repedative...