Monday, September 7

so i love op shops, quite stereotypical for a uni student, but i do. i enjoy finding jackets that fit just right, pants that don't finish just before my ankles and sifting through the brickabrack for lost treasures and unusual finds that make me wonder why anyone would have bought it, let alone let it go. but i guess that most of the joys that come from finding something exciting is due to the sheer amount of perceived crap that envelopes it. it's the "perceived crap" value that stops me from general shopping (like denim leggings, what's with that? a teapot that wouldn't hold more than half a cup of tea, cute but how useless can you get?), but with op shops it's expected, so you don't get the awkward feeling that you a) have to buy anything, b) are being watched (well, some of those old lades are scary) and judged, c) keep your mouth shut about how much useless junk there is, or d) care about current trends. the tiny tucked away (or absent) changing rooms can get a wee bit annoying, (i can't really say anything to justify that except the fact that if they took up room with a changeroom then they'd have less space for clothes), and the musty/mothball smell can get to you, but these things add to the endearing quality of op shops. I don't know where I stand with Savers (a large, recycled clothing stores in Vic, i don't know if they're in other states) though, it seems to counter the cosy feel that op shops should have, but with the increasing amount of people choosing second- over first-hand clothes (still a minority), having a huge warehouse makes the probablity of a lucky find just that little bit higher. i bought this amazing jacket today that hadn't even had the pockets broken in (you know how some are sewn shut for presentation?) for $12. $12! amazing

and now class is starting so i'm going to scoot, take care now!

all we need is a dream...