Saturday, October 30

a head of dread wannabes

I would like some dreads except mum says dad wouldn't allow it. I don't think work would like it either. awww.
dreads are cool and they're hot, and they're everything your not, thats why you want them theres just one problem.
I'll get over it eventually.
a head full of dreads is all that I want right now.
well thats not quite true, tehehe.
lock some dreads unto my skull.
watermelon soup and dreads go great together
"i thought I could organise freedom, how Scandinavian of me"
I think I want you, and thats the problem.

Monday, October 25

its like poetry to me...

I got his in a junk mail latter, its so cool.

tough scissors comes lady word, everybody safe addition head a. he northern human between. friend table speak convenient excite absent to-morrow. never sister buy anything nature morning far sea, off hurry accident leader beside trees, dont out old son search fallen existence case help. came dog clean swimming hall neck important" common secret climbing hurt lady commit experience" honest you ticket started months center having.

and I'm sorry for being a winge on saturday, not to say things aren't any better, but I should know better than to outlet on blogger. esp. because no one who reads this (you know, me) can do anything about it.

forever until a day I can be happy, cheers

Saturday, October 23

am I unhappy?

over the last week I've pondered that question. and I still don't have an answer. Am I unhappy? If I am, why? If I'm not, why? whay does my head keep running in circles? Should the question be instead, am I happy? are they not the same question? well all I gotta say is fuck it. I don't care anymore if I'm happy or not. Or whether I should put that sentence the other way round. I'm sick of putting in effort and getting nothing in return. I'm sick of opening up to people only to get cut off to talk about their own problems. I'm sick of not having friends who are always there. I'm sick of wanting so much of what I can't get. I'm sick of annoying customers that change there mind but say thats what they said originally. My lifes like one of those vending machines where you put in a $1 or $2 to get a ring or chain or novelty thing in those bubbles, and no matter how many times i turn it, I keep getting empty ones. I hate it. I'm sick of being the rebound friend.
Bloody c+ "Satisfactory"
I know I'm never alone but I don't feel it.
Fuck it.
I think I'm going to be sick.
I think I love you... and thats the problem...

Thursday, October 14



AHHH! I forgot! the 11th was this blogs first birthday!! how cool is that!!
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear bloggy, happy birthday to you.
Hip-hip horray! hip-hip horray! hip-hip horray! woo! one clap and one more to make it grow.
happy happy birthday, from all of us to you, we wish it were our birthday so we could party too.

5 days til my AMEB exam! a few days before now i was abit worried, but I can ace it no problems. My trumpet teacher is so convincing. =)
and I got nominated for next year senior music captain! How cool! WOOT! mmmhmmm!
I got the music in me, I got the music in me, I got the music in mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmEEEEEEEE yeah!

This blog needs a present, so I'll be back when I find a good one. =D

Wednesday, October 13

Hello! how are we? Wie gehts euch? thats german =)
there is just a little thing I find, I can't see past my state of mind, things fall down....
lebensmΓΌde? tired of life? I'M NOT! 'cause there is something of worth here. can't you see it? can't you feel it?
yellow sun, blue sky, green grass, I won't ask why, things fall down...
today is pretty grool, not much happened, but at least nothing bad did.
oh well pretty bored now... i'll write later

Tuesday, October 5

watermelon soup

A few people have asked what "watermelon soup" is about (its my msn name at the moment). and so here is your answer. Its just part of a poem I wrote and like, and if you don't like it thats fine by me. cheers.

Happy days, come and fall,
moodys swing in an eternal loop,
but I just seem to sit here,
sipping my watermelon soup.

sweet and hot and all the things you love,
alittle twisted, but so are most that you see,
I feel relaxed, in comfort with,
my watermelon soup and me.

a loner in a world full of lonely people,
but mostly happy on the whole,
I'm fine with this revalation,
with my watermelon soup in a bowl.

though its raining, though its sunny
I'm still in my isolated group,
my group of two things alone,
of me and my watermelon soup

Friday, October 1

how long have I been here?

too long...