Tuesday, October 5

watermelon soup

A few people have asked what "watermelon soup" is about (its my msn name at the moment). and so here is your answer. Its just part of a poem I wrote and like, and if you don't like it thats fine by me. cheers.

Happy days, come and fall,
moodys swing in an eternal loop,
but I just seem to sit here,
sipping my watermelon soup.

sweet and hot and all the things you love,
alittle twisted, but so are most that you see,
I feel relaxed, in comfort with,
my watermelon soup and me.

a loner in a world full of lonely people,
but mostly happy on the whole,
I'm fine with this revalation,
with my watermelon soup in a bowl.

though its raining, though its sunny
I'm still in my isolated group,
my group of two things alone,
of me and my watermelon soup


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